Scuba Diving Majahuitas

Scuba Diving Majahuitas

$ 120



Majahuitas is a beautiful string of beaches located on the south coast of Puerto Vallarta accessible only by boat. The entire bay is made up of tiny coves that offer excellent sea conditions. Calm and mellow water is perfect for Scuba or Snorkeling. The dives can be as shallow or as deep as the divers wish.

Some of the most remarkable inhabitants of this dive site are the Garden Eels. There is an abundance of sea life with endless schools of Parrot Fish, Cornets, Puffer Fish, Angel Fish, Damsels, Eagle Rays, Great Manta Rays and turtles.

All the tours include:
2 dives, all diving gear, purified water, sodas, seasonal fruit and a ham and cheese baguette.

What to bring: bathing suit, sunblock, towel, light sweater (winter and spring season), hat, sunglasses and $25.50 Mexican pesos to cover the port fee entrance at “Los Peines” pier.

Dive trip duration: 9 AM to 2:30 PM (Aprox)


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