Scuba diving Los Arcos Puerto Vallarta

Scuba diving Los Arcos Puerto Vallarta

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Los Arcos is excellent for all levels from novice divers to advanced. This National Marine Park consists of five rocks or islets, shallows and a deep sea canyon. The islets are a natural sanctuary for pelicans, sea hawks, Blue Footed Booby birds and swallows. The dives in this area can be enjoyed from 10 to 90 feet.

Due to erosion of the area there are amazing tunnels and arches. The view from the walled canyon exceeds 800 feet of depth. There are a great variety of fish, turtles and numerous other sea creatures. Since it is illegal to fish or remove anything from Los Arcos, the sea life is abundant. Los Arcos is also famous for its nudibranchs and other small creatures hidden on the rocky slopes.

All the tours include:
2 dives, all diving gear, purified water, sodas, seasonal fruit and a ham and cheese baguette.
All our boats have uhf/vhf radios, a first aid kit, an emergency oxygen unit, a bathroom facility and insurance.

Dive trip duration: 9 AM to 1:30 PM (Aprox)


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