Scuba Diving Safety Insurance by Divers Alert Network Silent World Divers

Scuba Diving Safety Insurance by Divers Alert Network. Silent World Divers Puerto Vallarta

DAN: Divers Alert Network 


The benefits of DAN membership include emergency medical evacuation assistance through DAN Travel Assist, exclusive access to DAN’s dive accident insurance products, a subscription to Alert Diver magazine and more. Your dues also support ongoing dive safety research, the development of diving health and safety resources and a 24/7 emergency medical assistance for scuba divers across the world.

Every Diver Should Be a DAN Member
As a DAN member, you’ll enjoy a suite of valuable benefits designed to help make you a safer, smarter diver. Dive confidently knowing that you have the world’s leading dive safety organization on your side.

Medical Information Line
Talk to a medical specialist when you need nonurgent information
about topics like fitness to dive, prescriptions or dive physiology.

Dive Insurance

DAN’s insurance plans offer divers an affordable way to protect themselves against unpredictable expenses associated with diving accidents and dive travel. When you sign up for DAN membership, you become eligible for a variety of insurance products tailored to meet your individual needs.

Specialized Accident Insurance Coverage For Divers
DAN dive accident insurance* is an affordable way for divers to obtain insurance against the costs of dive injuries that are often left uncovered by typical health insurance.

Covers diving, non diving and named water sports accidents & injuries
Pays 100% of eligible accident medical expenses up to US$500,000
Plans recognized worldwide
Join DAN first, then add your insurance
Annual coverage starts at US$40/year
Also available for divers age 70 and over in the U.S. and Canada
Help Is Just A Phone Call Away
Members have access to dive accident insurance coverage that is recognized worldwide.
Dive Accident Insurance Resources
Have questions about DAN dive accident insurance? Explore these helpful resources.

Travel Insurance

With an option available for one trip or many, DAN ’s travel insurance programs feature good rates, great coverage, an optional cancel-for-any-reason provision and coverage for preexisting medical conditions. Stay In Control Of Your Adventure With DAN Travel Insurance. Great coverage. Budget-friendly rates. Outstanding service.

Liability Insurance

DAN provides professional, general and group liability insurance plans that offer you everything you want from your liability coverage including unlimited defense costs, prior-acts coverage, refusal-to-train coverage and technical and rebreather endorsements. DAN liability coverage meets the requirements for all training agencies.

Pros And Businesses Choose DAN Liability Insurance
DAN Risk Retention Group offers three plans to help dive professionals and dive operators succeed. Plus, when you trust DAN RRG, you’re backed by a team that has helped divers in need for 40 years. It’s time to switch to DAN RRG.

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