Scuba Diving Positive Improvement in your Life Puerto Vallarta Silent World Divers

Scuba Diving Positive Improvement in your Life Puerto Vallarta Silent World Divers

Scuba Diving Positive Improvement in your Life Puerto Vallarta Silent World Divers 

All the positives that diving is going to bring into your life, if you let it. This incredible activity is not only passionately fun, it is also extremely beneficial for your health.

I think that to all of you who are still undecided, this article can help you make a decision that could change the rest of your lives.

And for those people who are still afraid of the sea due to bad experiences or badly unfounded fears of Hollywood movies such as “Jaws”, I hope this article helps you face those fears and thus be able to benefit from the calm effect of the sea and enjoy of the wonderful creatures that inhabit it.

In addition, diving is not only good for your health on a physical level, but it also has a very positive effect on our health on an emotional and mental level. How is that possible?

Among many reasons, this is thanks to the feeling of peace and well-being that the sea provides us and the very positive experiences that we will live practicing this activity.

In this list I will list all the benefits of this complete and relaxing activity that is diving:
Benefits of diving for physical health

Diving burns calories:

Yes, surprisingly enough, after 45 minutes in the water, your body has burned around 500-550 calories. And if we add the previous stage of preparation and transport of the material; Scuba diving is obviously a great physical activity that will help us burn fat and energy.

Diving helps us to tone and strengthen the muscles:

Water sports are very beneficial and complete when it comes to working the muscles of our body. Diving is clearly useful at this point since moving underwater with the weight of our body and the diving equipment is a gentle effort to which our body is subjected and that generates a strengthening of all our bones and muscles.

Diving is a gentle, low-impact physical activity:

Within physical exercise we find high and low impact activities for our body. In the case of diving, we have already seen that this activity helps us burn a lot of calories, but it does so gently and without a serious impact on our joints. Which is really beneficial for our body, could it be better?

Diving increases our resistance to physical exercise:

As with any other physical exercise, if it is practiced regularly; diving helps us improve our physical endurance.

Diving benefits the respiratory and cardiovascular system:

One of the aspects that this activity works the most is breathing. Diving helps us increase lung capacity and optimize each breath making better use of oxygen. In addition to strengthening the lungs, it helps strengthen the heart. It’s really amazing: the more you dive; less air you consume. This is perhaps one of the most obvious and easily quantifiable benefits of diving.

Diving improves motor skills, coordination and orientation:

Our body must learn to stay and move under water, because of this our brain starts to adapt to this new environment. This effort produces an increase in our coordination and our orientation, thus improving our motor skills.
Benefits of diving for emotional and mental health

Helps reduce stress:

The sea heals everything. It is well known that water helps us relax the body, the mind, reduces the level of stress and increases the feeling of well-being. For these reasons it is already part of many therapies and in diving the positive effect that water has on us multiplies exponentially. The sensation we experience when diving is the most relaxing thing you are going to try. It helps you disconnect from the outside world and leave stress behind.

Promotes responsibility and knowledge that we have of ourselves:

Diving is a low risk or controlled risk activity. In other words, it is a very safe sport; But precautions must be taken to avoid unpleasant situations. During the learning of this sport, you will better understand those small risks to which you expose yourself as a diver and you will create a greater awareness, greater responsibility and you will deepen your knowledge of yourself.

Increase self-confidence and self-esteem:

When we begin to practice a new activity in an unfamiliar environment, we face new situations and successfully overcome them; we nurture the confidence we have in ourselves. This helps us to have greater self-esteem and greater security in ourselves.
Social and relational benefits of diving:

Helps you socialize and meet new people:

Including a new activity in your life will take you to new scenarios where you will meet new people. Diving is a truly environment friendly where you can meet people from all over the world and make new friends with whom to share your adventures in the underwater world.

It can be a great activity to practice as a couple and as a family:

Diving is an activity that can greatly enrich your life as a couple and if your children are of the minimum age to start practicing it; It is a wonderful option to include it in your list of family activities. You will create unforgettable memories and experience unique moments diving with your family.

Improve communication and teamwork:

Diving is an activity that cannot be practiced individually. It is a sport that is practiced as a couple. You will learn to work with a dive buddy and you will develop your communication skills. You will get used to being aware of the needs of others and moving at the pace of the group. It is really beneficial for those people who find it difficult to work in a team and together.

As you can see, there are plenty of reasons to immerse yourself in this wonderful world and start enjoying the benefits of diving. If you had any doubts about the positive aspects that this activity can bring you, I hope you don’t have any left.

I hope you dare to check it out for yourself because it is really worth it. And if you are still not sure if diving is for you, wait for my next article. In it I will tell you what a baptism is and what it consists of.

It may be the perfect alternative for you before deciding if you are going to do a diving course.

I hope you liked it, if you want you can leave a comment below and of course, book us at

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