Scuba Diving Makes People Happy Don’t Worry be Happy! Go Dive Silent World Divers Puerto Vallarta

Scuba Diving Makes People Happy Don’t Worry be Happy! Go Dive Silent World Divers Puerto Vallarta

Scuba Diving Makes People Happy Silent World Divers Puerto Vallarta

Diving is … peace. calm. serenity. Marine life interaction = pure joy!

Giant Manta Rays Scuba Diving Puerto Vallarta Silent World Divers Puerto Vallarta, Mexico Video 9

Don’t Worry be Happy!

Diving is this “…crazy activity that takes us out of our natural habitat It is peaceful and magical. There so much there to explore. And no matter what is going on at the surface underwater you feel at peace and can let go of anything… happiest making bubbles.

Scuba diving can alter your emotions, it makes you feel “What a wonderful world!”

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Don’t Worry be Happy!

Scuba diving takes you closer to creatures than we ever thought was possible, we can get so close it can feel unreal:

“Diving into caves and tunnels … Passages with light rays beaming through that remind us of cathedrals.

You can experience the privilege of discovering a hidden world that is “kept secret unless you dive in.”

Silent World Divers Puerto Vallarta Scuba Diving Video 5

Don’t Worry be Happy!

Divers also find happiness due discovery and exploration above the waves, as a result of becoming divers:

Love, happiness and new friendship. That is what scuba diving is all about!

“Diving is … an escape from reality”: descending below the surface takes us away from our usual stresses in life such as technology, and even respite from dealing with other people and the world in general. Whatever is going on at the surface, whatever problems may be up there. They stay there.

Diving is also the ultimate call to observe the moment. When we are diving we need to remain aware, to monitor our depth, position and gauges, in order to be in control and safe. This means staying focused: “there is no room for anything else to exist”. Diving helps you focus on the now.

In learning to scuba dive … there is a lot of investment in learning, being tested, passing skills…, overcoming any obstacles and difficulties, before you get to appreciate the … satisfaction and sense of accomplishment.

“you can breathe under water!” Diving is the best therapy. “Happiness is…. stepping off the boat and into the best therapy pool in the world.” “It literally melts away all my worries and fears!” It is a life changer.

Your underwater experiences helps you regulate our emotions on the surface; to relax or even to help us sleep.

Builds Self-confidence: “I’m capable of doing something … daunting before. Feeling accomplished”

Don’t Worry be Happy!

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