Sunken Boat


To experience the thrill of discovering this beautiful sunken boat, you should either be an experienced  diver or possess an open  water diver certification with a minimum of 20 logged dives,  it is located at 85 ft/24 meters, surrounded by  a cemetery of other small sunken vessels that creates the perfect home for  moray eels, lobsters & octopus to hide, deferent kinds of sting rays can be found on the sandy bottoms, schools of  jacks and snappers are also frequent  visitors and if it is  your lucky  day,  you can spot big groupers inside this wreck.


The sunken boat, Princesa Vallarta, is a poignant underwater tableau, where the vibrant life of the sea juxtaposes with the eerie beauty of a tragic maritime relic. Resting on the ocean floor, the Princesa Vallarta’s once-elegant features have given way to a surreal underwater world. Its corroded, encrusted hull and remnants of its superstructure stand as an underwater monument to the inexorable forces of nature and time, capturing the imagination of divers and marine enthusiasts who visit it. Surrounded by a colorful congregation of marine life, the sunken vessel offers a unique glimpse into the dynamic interplay between human engineering and the ever-advancing march of the deep sea ecosystem. The Princesa Vallarta serves as a silent storyteller of its own demise, forever entwined with the mysteries of the underwater realm.


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