Learn to Dive with Silent World Divers Diving Puerto Vallarta

Learn to Dive with Silent World Divers Diving Puerto Vallarta

Learn to Dive with Silent World Divers Diving Puerto Vallarta

I want to learn to dive, but… Where do I begin? Starting to dive is one of the most satisfying decisions in a person’s life, you discover a new world, your vacation priorities change, the question sea or mountains stops making sense…

Certification in diving with autonomous equipment (Scuba Diving Certification)
Interested in learning diving? You have come to the right place. Millions of underwater explorers started right here.

Diving is a water sport that more and more people practice. This does not mean that the only thing you need to practice it is basic equipment and some waters to immerse yourself in. Unlike other lower risk sports, to practice safe diving you need to take an introductory course that includes theoretical and practical tests.

Diving classes open a door to new adventures and incredible animal encounters. At the end of your diving certification course, you will see the ocean world with new eyes.

How to start?

If you want to try scuba diving, most PADI® Dive Shops offer a half-day Discover Scuba Diving experience that takes place in a pool or similar setting, and may be accompanied by of an open water dive. Finding out if you like scuba diving is quick and easy, although it is not a certification course.

A scuba diving certification, also known as an Open Water Diver course certification, allows you to dive anywhere in the world. Like driving a car, scuba diving requires specific knowledge, skills and training. A certification for a PADI Open Water Diver course allows you to seek adventure anywhere there is water.


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