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A variety of PADI courses are available to enhance your diving skills, besides snorkeling and novice diving experiences. We provide you with the highest quality equipment and materials and options of activities for your enjoyment while not diving. Others claim to be the "Best", but why not join us at SILENT WORLD DIVERS to experience the truly "Best" dive operation in Puerto Vallarta

Dive Trips

Puerto Vallarta offers a variety of dive sites suitable for novice divers to the most expert.

LOS ARCOS is a calm site with shallow waters and a drop off at 90 ft. This area is teeming with fish and smaller creatures clinging to the rocks.  There is really something for everyone between the islets.  MAJAHUITAS is a diverse site with a rocky bottom mixed with sand and many isolated beaches.  Again the fish life is abundant and interesting for all levels of divers.  MARIETAS ISLANDS are perfect for divers looking for excitement with their volcanic tunnels, swim through, abundant sea life and encounters with Giant Manta Rays.  CHIMO and MORO are for more experienced divers.  Their distance into the Pacific makes the dives more challenging.  The gorgeous pinnacles, the vast sea life and the chance to meet larger animals are awesome.  LA CORBETEÑA is only for expert and the most adventurous divers.  The waters are demanding, but the seascape and its inhabitants are worth the trip.  SILENT WORLD DIVERS is always sensitive to your wishes and takes exceptional care to make your diving fun, interesting and safe.  

Specialty Courses

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Once you have your Open Water certification SILENT WORLD DIVERS is accessible to help you improve your diving and open up your underwater world even further to more skills and thrills. Photography or taking videos can be taught in a simple and inexpensive way to take home your memories to share with family and friends. Our instructors are fully trained in diverse Specialty Courses that can be taken while you are actually enjoying your dives in the varied and colorful sites in Puerto Vallarta. SILENT WORLD DIVERS offers twelve Specialty Courses.

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